Good ventilation of a building ensures the wellbeing

About Ventilation

Ventilation, also called air circulati on, in an exchange of air between rooms and the space outside the rooms. Effi cient ventilation is necessary in facilities used by people and animals. Ambient air, coming through dedicated air supply elements such as windows, window ventilators, vents or grilles, pushes out the used air, which is sucked away by ventilation channels, by means of pressure differences.

Good ventilation of a building ensures the wellbeing of people and animals inside it. Properlydesigned ventilation on system prevents inner walls from geting moist and develop fungus, which is especially important for people suff ering from allergy. Systems most frequently used in our geographic region are gravity and hybrid ventilation systems, the latier combining the two systems and using them depending on the fresh air demand and external weather conditions.

Grilles and vents are decorative fi nishing elements of ventilation channels. We off er a wide range of high-quality wall-mounted products for standard round channel diameters: 100, 125, and 150 mm, which we provide in several basic colors, adjusted to the requirements of our customers.

The VENT FS ventilation system we manufacture complies with all safety requirements and has the approvals and certifi cates required by the law. The high-quality material we use is UV resistant.